Renovation costs vary significantly based on factors like the level of finishes required, the materials used, site access, job technicality and the level of design required. Each Refined Space project is tailored to suit your individual needs, and we provide a bespoke quote for every project.

Each project has its own individual timeline and schedule to work out exactly how long things are going to take. As a guideline for major renovations these can take anywhere from 3-8months with planning and council approvals. As for you being able to still live in your home this is possible as doing your renovation in stages/areas so that you can still complete your everyday tasks. It is not unusual for us to build in and around families, with our ethical and professional morals that dictates your experience is paramount with us, this means you can rest assured we clean up everyday and the site is always safe.

Don’t worry about your bathroom being inactive while your house is under renovations as we have a portable ensuite which is equipped with a gas hot water system which can be provided.

We have a designer that we work close with that can design your renovation. Obtaining building permits and council approval is something we do all the time, so this is second nature to us. Making sure everything is approved before starting is a requirement, so this is something we organise for you to take the stress off you.

You should always check your prospective builder’s licence before embarking on any renovations. It is important that you check their licence to ensure you get quality workmanship. It also ensures you are going to be covered by QBCC home warranty insurance. You can check licences here.

We specialise in the major renovations and extensions, finding a builder that is specific to one area is something you will want to be looking for when deciding on a builder to select. If someone specialises in something specific there going to be better at it than a builder that does a wide range of things.

There is a high percentage of plans that get drawn that never get built, Why is this you ask? A lot of people think you can’t see a builder until your plans are complete and are finished with the architect/designer. This is Far from the truth as builder’s have a unique position within the early stages of planning and development as we understand what it costs to create the dream you are after. The earlier you involve a builder in your project the more you open yourself up to having a better experience during your renovation journey, you will significantly improve the out come.


Finding the right builder


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